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4 Reasons Why Slime Is Great for Kids

Did you know that slime has been around since 1976? Even though it became a trending sensation during the pandemic, slime’s popularity has grown since the 80s!

Some parents might believe that slime is just a mess waiting to happen. Others might understand the appeal of slime but don’t know what it’s good for. While slime serves as a wonderful fidget toy, it also has four key educational, sensory, creative, and meditative benefits – especially for kids!

Educational Benefits of Slime: Science & Mathematics

Slime is the perfect way for children to get into chemistry and understand math!

Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning it’s neither liquid nor solid, yet can be both at the same time! When handled gently, slime may ooze and drip from your hands like a thick liquid. With more tension, it becomes a squishy solid that kids can stretch and squeeze.

The common ingredients of slime include glue, an activator, and additional components that can change the texture! Changing what kinds of components and how much you add in can completely transform what the slime looks and feels like.

Introducing kids to these concepts fosters a deeper understanding of scientific principles, making learning engaging and enjoyable.

Sensory Benefits of Slime: Stimulating the Senses

At Snoopslimes, we offer tons of slimes with a variety of textures, each providing a unique tactile experience and sensory stimulation.

The first ASMR videos that I posted on Snoopslimes were simple clear slimes. Then I started adding pigments, sprinkles, and more add-ins to change the look and feel for new kinds of ASMR!


- Jungmin Kang, CEO & Founder of Snoopslimes

By experimenting with different add-ins, we’ve created over 10 different textures and combinations, each with a unique tactile experience. We also layer the sensory experience with textures, scents, and sounds.

If you’re interested in experimenting with the many slimes we offer, make sure to check out our slime restocks on Fridays at 6 pm CT to find your perfect texture!

Unleashing Creativity with Slime

Slime is as much a toy as it is a canvas for creativity. Our custom-designed DIY slime kits encourage kids to express themselves through imaginative decoration.

These kits come with a slime base, decorations, extra slime “syrups” and a clay add-on that transforms the texture of your slime!

While we provide inspiration with our assembly videos, the real magic happens when kids infuse their unique ideas into their creations.

Enhancing Focus and Attention

Many find the sensory benefits of playing with slime improve the ability to focus!

By engaging the hands, playing with slime teaches children to concentrate on receiving tasks and listening to instructions more effectively. Our cloud, cloud dough, and butter slimes offer an easy sensory experience that can help calm restless minds and promote concentration. These beginner-friendly slimes are perfect for study breaks or relaxation sessions.


Slime isn't just a trendy toy — it's a versatile tool that offers education, sensory exploration, creative exploration, and attention span improvement.

Some slimes are available 24/7 for you to browse at any time, but make sure to set your alarms for our weekly Friday slime restock at 6 PM CST for a full slime menu. You can sign up for our weekly newsletter and SMS reminders to stay updated on the latest slime restock!

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