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Welcome to Snoopslimes, where we’ll always have the perfect slime for you! From the softest, fluffy cloud slimes to bubbly, crunchy snowfizz slimes, our shop has a slime texture for everyone.


Smooth and creamy, butter slimes are our most beginner-friendly textures! They offer the best texture for stress relief when you need something to squeeze. Butter slimes make the perfect desk toys and casual companions you can bring anywhere.

“I always carry a butter slime with me! They make a great companion for working in my slime shop or studying for my college exams.”

- Jungmin, Snoopslimes Founder & CEO


Just like the squishy delight of butter slimes, cloud slimes offer another wonderful experience with their unique cloud-like texture. Drizzly and fluffy, cloud slimes are another perfect option for slime beginners. Kids love cloud slimes because they’re fluffable and soft to the touch. Parents love this texture because they’re quiet yet mesmerizing when drizzled!

If you want to check out more butter and cloud slimes, we restock every Friday at 6 PM CST. Sign up for reminders if you want to grab your favorites or one of our new weekly slimes at our next restock!

Snoopslimes Beginner-Friendly Slime List

With our weekly restocks in mind, here’s our curated list of our all-time favorite slimes that are not only beginner-friendly but loved by our community:


If you haven’t seen this DIY slime all over slime social media,Krispy Marshmallow Treat is a FAVORITE among our fans for many reasons: this slime’s base a creamy, butter texture that's super holdable! This butter slime texture transforms when you mix the realistic, krispy marshmallow treat add-on into the butter slime base, turning the final texture into a dense and squishy slime!

“I once made a GIGANTIC version of this slime! Check out the full video of me assembling and mixing a jumbo Krispy Marshmallow treat on my Tiktok account!”

- Jungmin, Snoopslimes Founder & CEO


Out of all of our butter slimes, this one has the most relaxing scent! If you’re into aromatherapy and love stress toys, the Lavender butter slime is the best of both worlds. Use it as a stress reliever for soothing playtime and take in the calming lavender scent after a busy day.


Add this DIY butter slime kit to your birthday wishlist! Our Funfetti Cake slime is a hot pink sensory party. The bright butter slime base is scented like an irresistible birthday cake. The full kit comes with two clay cake slices, rainbow sprinkles, and extra butter slime for topping your slime with whipped cream! Put it together to assemble a funfetti cake slime masterpiece; mix for a super holdable slime that’s beginner-friendly and may also leave you craving a slice of real cake!


A standout in our cloud slime collection and a customer favorite for over two years, Candy Land Fluff is as holdable as it is adorable. Adorned with the cutest candy charms and sprinkles, this two-toned cloud slime blends into a stunning, vibrant purple hue. Its sweet candy fragrance and fluffable texture make it a delightful, beginner-friendly slime toy!


Inspired by the latest “coquette bow” trend on TikTok, this DIY butter slime is yet another beginner-friendly slime option. Scented like vanilla bean, this adorable slime includes an elegant, pastel pink bow add-on that you can mix into the matching butter base for a holdable and trendy slime texture.


For those who adore the outdoorsy, whimsical vibe, Cottagecore Fluff is your go-to. It's inspired by that whimsical cottage core aesthetic and is super easy to handle. Plus, it comes with a strawberry snail charm that's just too cute for words. It's like a little piece of the countryside right in your hands.

Our butter slimes and cloud slimes were designed with the intent of including everyone who's just joined the slime community! Whether you're drawn to the comforting scent of lavender, the creative freedoms of a DIY cake, or whimsical vibes + fluffy feels, Snoopslimes has the perfect beginner-friendly slime waiting for you!

Some slimes are available 24/7 for you to browse at any time, but make sure to set your alarms for our weekly Friday slime restock at 6 PM CST for a full slime menu. You can sign up for our weekly newsletter and SMS reminders to stay updated on the latest slime restock

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