My name is Jungmin Kang and I am the founder and the creative vision behind Snoopslimes, a slime business based in Round Rock, Texas. In 2017, at the age of 13, I discovered slime through ASMR videos on social media. I quickly became hooked to this work of weird yet satisfying goo. That same year, I used my $200 allowance to start Snoopslimes, a high-quality slime e-commerce business to provide a creative outlet and therapeutic sensory toy. Since then, I have grown my social media following organically to a total of 6 million followers.

I started creating my own slime recipes, with many trials and errors, that were worthy to sell. I opened up a shop on Etsy, a platform dedicated to selling homemade items, and an Instagram account, @snoopslimes, to post my satisfying autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) slime videos. After a month of consistently posting on Instagram, I got my first sale, and soon after, my videos quickly became a viral sensation, gaining over one million followers on Instagram in just over a year.

Today, Snoopslimes is manufactured by 40 employees in Austin, TX, and uses a drop-base business model by releasing four new slimes each week to create demand. We have now sold over 1 million slimes with our customers ranging from young children to adults who use slime
for stress relief, as well as professional therapists that incorporate slime for sensory treatment.

As a young POC woman in the business world, one of my focuses is to bring more representation to those similar to my background, and empower other teenagers to chase their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Snoopslimes is my creative outlet as I am able to bring my ideas to life through slime. Being able to shine a light on my unique background and Korean culture by creating slimes inspired by it is very important to me. I want to inspire others to be driven and determined with what they are passionate about.