Slime Care

Tips on caring for your slime

With proper care, slimes can last for a few months. However, it is normal for slimes to deflate or melt over time due to the nature of slime ingredients. 

To keep your slime in a good state for as long as possible, make sure to wash your hands before playing and play on a clean surface to avoid debris or bacteria from getting into your slime. 

After playing, store your slime in an airtight container and a cool environment. Be sure to reactivate your slime frequently by using the slime activator included with your order.

What is a slime activator and how does it work?

Slime activator is a liquid solution of borax diluted water that is necessary to create and maintain slime in its proper gooey consistency through chemical reaction.

Every order will be provided with a bag of borax powder and instructions on creating a slime activator to fix sticky slime. Add a few drops of slime activator you’ve created into a sticky slime and knead until you reach your desired consistency. Make sure you don’t add too much activator at once to avoid over-activating your slime. Click here to watch a video on how to fix sticky slime!

Note: When handling borax, it’s always best to wear gloves.

How do I fix my sticky slime?

The components of your slime can cause it to become stickier than desired especially in warmer weather,  To restore it to its desired consistency, simply add a small amount of activator and knead until you achieve the texture that works for you - but don't go overboard as too much can result in a stiff slime. Click here to watch a video on how to fix sticky slime!

I got slime on my carpet. What should I do?

Tackle stubborn slime stains with ease by combining a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and cold water. Test out the solution on delicate surfaces first to ensure it won't cause damage, then spritz onto the stain before using a soft brush to work away at any residue clinging firmly in place. Finally, use paper towels to absorb what remains until your area is spotless!

How do I fix my stiff slime?

Slimes can become stiff and hard especially in colder months due to slime ingredients. However, don’t worry! Multiple ways can easily fix this:

Opaque slimes: Add small amounts of unscented lotion to the slime and knead until you reach the desired consistency.

Clear slimes: Leave the slime in an airtight container in a warm place for a few days for the slime to thaw and soften up.

Click here to watch a video on “How to Fix Stiff Slime”!