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Why You Should Subscribe featuring May's Y2K Time Machine Box

Hey, slimers!

If you’ve been a follower of Snoopslimes, you’ve probably heard about our monthly slime subscription boxes, which offer a unique, themed bundle of three exclusive slimes, activator spray, and a custom sticker!

We're thrilled to unveil our May box which is inspired by the aesthetics of the era and fashion of y2k. Dive into a world of nostalgia with our Y2K TIME MACHINE-themed slime box, a must-have for fans of all ages!

Here are four reasons why you should grab our May Y2K-themed slime subscription box:

1. Three Exclusive y2k Slimes

Our May box features three slimes that you won't find anywhere else, not even during our Friday restocks! We're talking about slimes inspired by the turn of the millennium - Snoop Frank, Y2K Glitch, and Slimey Pop.

Snoop Frank

A crunchy slime that features a glamorous blend of glitters and sprinkles that’ll leave you feeling nostalgic. Stretch this slime slowly before squeezing to get the BEST crunchy ASMR!

Y2K Glitch

A glittery, holographic clear slime that comes with “glitch” inspired sprinkles and charms. The smooth, clear texture makes for satisfying pokes and pops!

Slimey Pop

A jelly slime that comes with its very own DIY clay ring pop add-on! Once mixed, the cherry slushie scent alone is a throwback to my childhood.

The variety of texture along with the unique and nostalgic vibes each slime offers makes the May box one of my favorites so far.

2. Anyone Can Enjoy the y2k Era

Our Y2K-themed box transcends age, made for those who enjoy y2k as an aesthetic and fashion choice as well as those who lived through y2k and love feeling nostalgic about the era.

The Y2K Glitch slime, for instance, was designed with a beautiful holographic color that references the time when we held our breath during the infamous, turn-of-the-millenia computer “glitch.”

Meanwhile, Slimey Pop is obviously inspired by Ring Pops, which gained great popularity during this time. It comes complete with a jumbo clay ring pop and a plastic handle for an authentic experience!

And let's not forget Snoop Frank, a colorful tribute to the beloved Lisa Frank brand! With the colorful charms and glitters featured in the texture, the slime is reminiscent of the maximalist room that you wish you’d had when you were little!

3. Ultimate Stress Relief

Our Y2K subscription box isn't just about nostalgia; it's also a stress-reliever with many satisfying options. Each slime has a completely unique texture with different ASMR triggers. Y2K Glitch is visually stunning and amazing for pokes and bubble pops while mixing Slimey Pop into a butter-snow slime makes for a relaxing and grounding sensory experience. The May box is a standout choice for those seeking relaxation and nostalgia vibes.

4. Look Forward to More

Subscribing to exclusive monthly boxes means that the fun never stops. With each subscription plan, you'll receive a new set of three box-exclusive slimes and the included add-ons, keeping you satisfied without needing to set an alarm for each weekly restock. Each month promises another unique theme, ensuring your collection keeps growing with high-quality, exclusive slimes.

Remember, each box available for a limited time only! In order to secure your y2k Time Machine box, subscribe by May 6th before yours is gone.

If you have any questions about our subscription boxes, including shipping details and our cancellation policy, be sure to check our FAQ page or our subscription info page. Join us in celebrating the Y2K era with a box filled with exclusive slimes, nostalgia, and unbeatable stress relief. Get ready for a throwback journey with Snoopslimes' May Y2K Slime Sub Box!

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