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Meet The Founder: Jungmin!

Hi slimers!

I’m Jungmin Kang, founder, CEO, and star of Snoopslimes!

How I Started Snoopslimes

Like most of you, I was just another kid watching “oddly satisfying” ASMR videos. My fascination with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) quickly blossomed into a full-fledged passion! It took some convincing before my parents gave me a generous, $200 allowance to set up my mini film studio. In my family’s cozy apartment, I was able to bring my vision for ASMR content to life.

Jungmin Kang making slime ASMR videos in her DIY filming studio

Once I started posting my own ASMR videos, the response was phenomenal! My Instagram soared to fame, amassing over 1 million followers in my first year of running my account. In turn, the requests that flooded my DMs inspired me to start selling the hand-crafted slimes I used in my videos. What started as a small project transformed into my first business as a teen entrepreneur!

While balancing academics and social life, I moved Snoopslimes from our small apartment into a full warehouse, where I’ve been filming content for social media and making slimes for my shop since high school!

To date, we've sold slimes to over 1 MILLION CUSTOMERS, ranging from children who love fidget toys to adults seeking stress relief. For my achievements, I was named among Forbes' 30 Under 30 North America list for 2022 and the National Retail Foundation's List of People Shaping Retail's Future for 2024.

Snoopslimes Founder Jungmin Kang holding her a labeled Snoopslimes container!

Snoopslimes is more than my creative outlet: It's a living example of turning a simple idea into a groundbreaking reality. Starting my business allowed me to couple my imagination with entrepreneurship. As a young business owner, I aim to inspire teens and young adults to chase their passions with determination and to spread awareness of slimes’ therapeutic benefits!

About Jungmin

What is Jungmin’s Favorite Slime?

Choosing a favorite slime is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child; it's an almost impossible task. My creations are a reflection of my dreams brought to life, making it incredibly hard to pick just one.

Right now, I can say my heart belongs to two slimes: first, my DIY jelly slime - Raw Honeycomb. I love this slime because the base’s jelly slime texture is so fun to poke and make slime bubbles with! When I mix in the honeycomb add-on, it becomes more holdable and fluffy, making it perfect for fidgeting with! I always keep slime handy when I’m studying at home or brainstorming slime ideas at the office. It’s also a convenient toy for binge-watching my favorite shows. And its irresistible mountain honey scent? Divine.

The second slime I am currently obsessed with is my sand-textured slime - Galaxy Brownie Cookie Crumbs. It has a perfectly crisp texture that inflates to make crunches that are out of this world - pun not intended.

Raw Honeycomb, Jungmin Kang's favorite slime. DIY Jelly Slime Toy. Scented like mountain honey.

More Fun Facts About Jungmin + Snoopslimes

  1. Pop icon Victoria Beckham is among our fans, even featuring our slimes on her story!
  2. We've enjoyed collaborating with beloved brands like Glow Recipe, Pokémon, Netflix, and Glamnetic.
  3. In 2023, I became the youngest e-commerce entrepreneur featured on Forbes' 30 under 30 list.
  4. Entrepreneurship has been my calling since I was 6 years old: Before Snoopslimes, I used to sell notebooks to my classmates and I almost pursued a career in video game streaming!
  5. Over the past 7 years, I've designed and sold more than 1000 unique slime creations!

I'm immensely grateful for our family of over 7 million followers across social media. If you found Snoopslimes and me one day on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, I hope that my slime shop and slime videos have brought you joy, relief, and unparalleled satisfaction!


Jungmin Kang

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