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Introducing June’s Summer In Italy Slimes

Hi slimers! 

If you haven’t already seen it, we released the June subscription box this month! Check out our full unboxing for a sneak peek into the box and some satisfying slime ASMR. 

Since summer is just around the corner, this box is a MUST-HAVE for your bucket list. Let me introduce you to the Summer In Italy slimes, your one-way ticket to a European beach getaway. 

Amalfi Lemon

Texture: butter + clay 

Scent: lemon cookie bar 

Have you heard of the Amalfi Lemon? The zest from this fruit is famously used in Italy for the local cuisine, ranging from pasta to seafood! 

Inspired by the Amalfi lemon, I designed this DIY slime to feature a butter slime base and a custom, jumbo lemon add-on with flower charms to decorate your slime! It’s perfect for beginners and super holdable - not to mention so satisfying to mix together! 

Sorrento Coast

Texture: clear with sand syrup

Scent: lemon zest 

You can’t experience summer without a visit to the beach! Sorrento Coast is a glittery, light blue clear slime that comes complete with a sand slime for sandy shores, charming moss, an umbrella, and boat charms. 

The slime is inspired by the actual destination, where locals and tourists enjoy iced refreshments and the beautiful views of the ocean! 

Peach Sorbetto 

Texture: icee 

Scent: fresh peach 

Speaking of refreshments, Peach Sorbetto is the perfect slime to cool off with this summer! I designed it with an icee texture to match the feel and sound of a cool sorbet on a hot summer day.

This slime is a fruity delight scented like fresh peaches that'll keep you feeling cool and refreshed for the entire month of June! 

Slimes For Stress-Free Summer

There’s 104 days of summer vacation, but the satisfaction doesn’t have to end there! 

Our slime subscription boxes guarantee that you’ll receive a set of three box-exclusive slimes, custom sticker, collectible slime care guide, and slime activator spray EVERY MONTH! 

Each box is only available for a limited time! To get these Summer In Italy slimes, subscribe to our month-to-month plan or prepaid plan before June 6th, 2024! 

If you have any questions about our subscription boxes, including shipping details and our cancellation policy, be sure to check our FAQ page or reach out to us at Treat yourself to a Summer In Italy with June’s Slime Subscription Box today!

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