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2024 Spring Slime Texture Guide

Welcome to Snoopslimes, where we have the perfect slime for you! From squishy buttery slime textures to crumbly and crunchy ones, our shop has the right slime for anyone.

I know you heard of Hot Girl Summer - let me introduce you to Satisfying Girl Spring! We curated a list of each of our limited-edition spring slime, each with a unique texture and scent combo for any preference. Whether you're new to slime or a seasoned slime lover, this spring collection has the perfect slime for you!

Pastel Marshmallow Bunny - DIY Butter Slime

Hop into spring with this DIY, bunny-themed spring slime! This slime features a soft butter slime base and the most adorable bunny rabbit clay add-on. When you mix the bunny rabbit into the butter slime base, it transforms into a fluffy, airy texture that's irresistibly sizzly and squishy. You’ll scream for the ice cream scoop bread scent. If you love our DIY slimes, Pastel Marshmallow Bunny is a must-have in your spring collection!

Cotton Tail Fluff - Cloud Slime

Back by popular demand for the third year, our Cotton Tail Fluff is a testament to our love for all things BUNNY during spring! This high-quality cloud slime is fluffy and holdable, making it an excellent choice for slime beginners and slime enthusiasts alike. It comes with the cutest bunny charm and the sun-ripened raspberry scent makes playing with Cotton Tail Fluff super relaxing.

Butterfly Pea Flower Freeze - Icee Slime

Inspired by the mesmerizing hues of butterfly pea flower tea, our Butterfly Pea Flower Freeze slime is a tribute to the vibrant pinks & purples of spring’s color palette. This two-toned icee slime, sparkles with butterfly glitters and is adorned with delicate flower and butterfly charms that you can decorate your slime with. The frosty texture is sizzly and cool, making it perfect to playing with as spring warms up the weather!

Spring Marshmallow Treat - DIY Snowfizz Slime

Giving our beloved classic a spring twist, Spring Marshmallow Treat is our seasonal homage to the cherished Krispy Marshmallow Treat slime. This limited-edition DIY snowfizz slime features a vibrant teal snowfizz base and adorable spring sprinkles and charms to decorate!. The highlight is the two-toned marshmallow treat clay add-on, designed to mix seamlessly with the crunchy snowfizz base, creating a creamy yet sizzly butter-fizz texture. The fresh strawberry marshmallow bomb scent truly complements its bright aesthetic, making this slime a springtime icon!

Egg Hunt Popcorn - Jumbo Floam Slime

Celebrate the thrill of the egg hunt with this pink and blue floam slime, a crunchy addition to our slime collection! Adorned with foam, speckled eggs, this adorable floam slime inflates a tonwith play and makes the most satisfying bubble pops when you squeeze it! Being a limited-edition Easter slime and having a delightful kettle corn scent, Egg Hunt Popcorn is an essential for your spring slime collection!

Speckled Jelly Beans - Bingsu Slime

Dive into the sweet spirit of spring with this kiwi-scented bingsu slime! The crunchy and bubbly texture makes this slime inflate as you stretch it. The clear slime base + the shiny bingsu base make this slime shimmer in the light, making it the perfect way to end your day as you play with it during golden hour! 

Shop Our Spring Slimes!

At Snoopslimes, our spring slime guide is designed to bring joy, creativity, and a touch of whimsy to your world. Whether you're a mom looking for the perfect spring gift, a kid eager to explore new textures, or a teenager ready to dive into the latest slime trends, our collection has something special for everyone. Embrace the spirit of spring with Snoopslimes, where every slime is a story waiting to be told.

We have slimes available 24/7 for you in our shop, but make sure to set your alarms for our weekly Friday slime restock at 6 PM CST for our limited-edition seasonal slimes. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and SMS reminders to stay updated on the latest slime restock!

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